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What not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients?

What not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients?

Dementia symptoms in old people can be quite tricky in taking care of for any caregiver. Thus, along with know-how of dementia care services and knowledge of the symptoms, one must also be aware of what not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients. Old people healthcare in Delhi and other major cities in India is often available, but it becomes more important to follow these tips when you are taking care of dementia symptoms in old people if you are living far away from the cities in the countryside.

Samvedna care services of dementia have helped numerous people not only suffering from dementia but old age health symptoms in general. Thus, please take these insightful guidelines very seriously while understanding what not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients. 

What not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients.

Some things are easy to overlook when you are taking care of elderly dementia patients. Despite our best efforts, we sometimes do or say things that cause harm to the dementia patients in our care. Let’s have a look at some of these in this list of things not to do while taking care of elderly dementia patients.

  1. Do not assume a different relationship: Just because your relationship with the person you are caring for is so unusual compared to other relationships in your life, doesn’t mean that these relationships can’t be fulfilling and meaningful. You can still spend quality time with elderly dementia patients and make your relationships stronger.
  2. Do not expect tasks: Avoid asking the person you are caring for, for anything at all. That being said, also don’t patronize them by questioning their ability to do anything. This might hurt their feelings and cause them to react without meaning to.
  3. Do not engage them when they are upset: Don’t engage in an argument with the elderly dementia patient that you are caring for. Avoid contradicting things as much as possible. There is definitely no need to correct every single mistaken thing that a dementia patient tells you. Also, never forget even for a second that if a dementia patient behaves with aggression, they aren’t doing it out of their own will and is often just a symptom of their dementia/
  4. You don’t always need to speak the truth: It’s ok to lie sometimes. In psychological jargon, there is something known as therapeutic lies. Do not try to reason with patients in the middle to late stages of dementia. Figure out what makes the person you care caring for feel safe, even if that is a ‘therapeutic lie’ and not the truth.
  5. Don’t ignore them: Do not talk as if they are not in the room. Always acknowledge their presence and never brush their feelings aside. At the same time, do not invade their privacy in any way. Make them feel respected, and valued.
  6. Don’t forget yourself: Never let your own stress go out of control. No one can deny that taking care of a loved one with such a disease can be extremely stressful, but if you find yourself frequently in highly stressful frames of mind, then speak with a doctor immediately.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask for help: Do not shoulder all the burden alone. You don’t need to. It’s important for the sake of the elderly dementia patient in your care that you take time for yourself to rest and recharge. 
  8. Don’t give up hope: Never give up hope. Increasing research funds and clinical studies can very well lead the way to a cure, even for your elderly dementia patient.

Most importantly, never ever forget that you are doing a commendable job by taking care of your elderly dementia patients, especially when they are coupled with old age health symptoms. Your efforts are helping keep a human being happy and healthy, for as long as possible. These efforts are never going to be in vain, no matter who you are and what you have done in life.

In addition to the above list of things not to do when taking care of elderly dementia patients, you can find all the answers about any other questions you might have regarding dementia, eldercare services or mental health, on our website. Our blog covers a wide range of topics and you might just find the information you have been looking for. Do give it a shot.

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