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Tips for choosing best Eldercare services for your parents in India

Tips for choosing best Eldercare services for your parents in India

As per the social and cultural norms in India, it is a natural expectation that children take care of their parents in their old age. In fact, a child takes it as a blessing from God or an accumulation of good karma that they get an opportunity to take care of their parents.

But due to some reasons, not everyone is able to take care of their parents and in such situations, they are left with limited options like help from friends and family or neighbors, the other reliable choice they have is of Eldercare services. Seniors require specialized, person-centric care when their physical, mental, cognitive health condition hinders their ability to live safely and independently.

Now the question arises, how would one determine which Eldercare service is needed or better for the seniors?

While choosing an Elder Care service in India one needs to keep in mind the following things:

  • Reliability: The Eldercare services should be reliable and well known for the responsibility and facilities they provide. Any type of activity that may hinder the mental peace of the senior shouldn’t be accepted.
  • Comfort: One must keep in mind that the Elder must be comfortable with the people and the environment who will be providing the care and companionship.  Home-care services should be preferred where the elder lives in their own house with a caregiver who looks after them and their daily chores.
  • Reviews: Look out for reviews and references, make sure the services make the seniors and your life easy and peaceful.
  • Cost: Nothing is more important than the health of our parents but one must understand how aging affects the body and decreases its capacity to fight against any disease. Keeping all this in mind one must make an informed decision to get the best value service and quality care.
  • Experienced: The caregiver should be experienced with seniors and know how to handle their emotions and challenging behavior.. They should be aware of how to handle a situation calmly with elders who may have cognitive decline or mental health issues.

If you are looking for Elder Care services in India, Samvedna Care is one of the preferred ones. They have an expert staff with in-depth experience with senior care. They provide holistic care for all elderly needs – healthcare, psycho-social support, logistic support, and personal care, they also provide home-care for the elderly and are recognized as one of the top 25 best social enterprises by Yes Foundation.

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