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Tips for Adjusting to Retirement

Tips for Adjusting to Retirement

Retirement is often conjured with a vision of a free life and being on vacation. Sleep late, pursue long lost hobbies, meet friends and acquaintances, spend time with grandchildren and more. Finally, it is time to catch-up with everything that you fancy. However, after the initial phase of enjoyment and connecting with your dear ones, adjusting to retirement can become challenging.

A sudden loss of identity, an erratic routine and curtailed finances can affect you psychologically. Suddenly, you have more time and less money, making it difficult for you to cope. If you are experiencing anxiety, depression, or finding the transition difficult for any other reason, then here are some tips for transition, adjustment, and retirement planning.

Experience the Stages of Emotions: When adjusting to retirement, you may undergo a series of emotions. The initial phase of freedom and relaxation may wear off, leaving you feeling bored and anxious. To suppress your feeling, you need to find healthy solutions and not depend on food or alcohol and smoking. Look for healthy means to deal with these feelings like take up walking, join a yoga class, pursue reading books or writing one, talk to others and stay connected.

Plan Your Days: Like the pre-retirement life, it is essential to have a planned schedule during these golden years of your life. Follow a set time to wake up and sleep; enjoy an afternoon siesta now that you have the time to eat your meals at a fixed time. You don’t have to plan your day in watertight compartments. However, structure your day so that you have time to experiment with different activities and make time slots to make the most of your day.

Set Small & Achievable Goals: If you are experiencing an emotional upheaval, follow the continuity theory. Working and achieving goals is in human DNA and retirement can be antithetical to it. You can continue to plan your milestones and strive to achieve them. It can be to finish reading a book in the next seven days or learning some yoga asanas in the next 30 days. It will help you to engage better and be regular.

Expand your Social Network: Retiring during the COVID-19 time and getting super bored? It is the perfect time to explore the different social networking platforms and expand your circle of friendship. You can find old school and college mates or colleagues on social platforms and plan video calls and chat sessions with them. The nostalgia will keep bringing you back and help you stay connected.

Create a New Budget: It is time to scrap off the old budget that you maintained while working. Carve out a new budget for your retirement life and plan-out expenses judiciously. You can follow the priority goal in your post-career life. Like, give grocery, fruits, vegetables, and medical precedence than eating out, buying new clothes, or gifting. You can also take up a part-time job to supplement your expenses and for keeping yourself engaged. There are many work from home options due to COVID-19 pandemic and you may find something suitable for yourself.

Seek Professional Counselling: If you are still stressed and things are not working out, it is fine. You are stepping into a new role and taking up new responsibilities. How about speaking to a professional and getting the right guidance. There are specialists who can help you plan your finances, guide you and help you in coming out of this psychological distress.

Don’t worry about visiting a psychologist? Connect with a specialist virtually. Samvedna Care, a care centre for elderly, offers individual retirement planning counselling sessions online. You can book a session and discuss your concerns with a specialist who can help plan an active and fulfilling post-retirement life. The best time to get rid of negative emotions and challenges from your life is always now. So, book a session and vent out your concerns. Let your retirement life be as glorious as you desire.

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