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The Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation for People with Dementia

The Benefits of Cognitive Stimulation for People with Dementia

With over four million dementia cases and the figure set to grow substantially in the coming decade, there is research taking place to find a cure for this neurocognitive disease. Although, at present, there is no cure for this condition, some drugs and different therapies can slow progression of the illness and improve the wellbeing of your loved ones living with this condition.

One such therapy that can help those in the early or mid-stages of dementia is Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). It is one of the most frequently recommended therapies for those diagnosed with dementia as it is known to improve quality of life of the person significantly.

Before we know about the benefits of CST, let’s understand what is CST?

The Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)
A series of exercises and activities are part of CST and these are designed to stimulate the memory and communication skills of a person with dementia. These activities are usually related to everyday chores or interests, reminiscence, and information regarding current events or location. More or less, each session follows a similar structure, but the theme varies. The topics that can get covered in these sessions are usually diverse, ranging from current affairs, food, childhood memories, and use of money.

These topics are explored using a range of multi-sensory experiences with mediums like games, puzzles, music, books and more in a supportive environment. Along with these activities, there are also structured discussions that take place. These sessions are usually spread over a few days and begin with an opening exercise like playing an instrument, song, or recalling the day and date.

The therapists try initiating conversations regarding the family or a holiday bringing memories from the past to the current times. The idea is to engage and mentally stimulate the person with dementia.

The Benefits of CST
The therapy specifically designed for dementia care patients can help in the following ways

  • The CST sessions prove engaging and stimulating for the individual. When someone has dementia, they are unable to self-motivate and do self-paced brain exercises. By taking up a CST session, the individual feels encouraged and supported by therapists whilst exercising the brain and engaging in challenging activities.
  • The element of social interaction in these therapy sessions is also important. There is a direct human to human contact, which often reduces when a person has dementia. Moreover, these programs are customised to target the concern areas of an individual.
  • These therapy sessions usually have a positive impact on the individual to the extent that it improves their quality of life.

Dementia is a progressive degenerative neurocognitive disease and an umbrella term encompassing many different conditions. It is caused due to abnormal changes in the brain and there are several types such as Alzheimer’s disease, Lewy body dementia, Vascular dementia, Parkinson’s and many more. It is often painful to see your loved one going through this cruel disease that snaps the person’s very identity.

CST at Samvedna Care
Along with medications, you can try CST by a professional therapist at Samvedna Care. The therapy at Samvedna is individualised and incorporates various aspects of cognitive stimulation. There are a series of modules in which the person participates, each focussing on a particular theme. Spread over 3 months or 6 months; it can benefit the person by improving quality of life, stimulating cognitive processes like memory and through social interaction.

If you are looking for CST for a loved one with dementia condition, then connect with the Samvedna Care team. Samvedna was established in 2013 with two main focus areas, dementia care and eldercare. There is a comprehensive dementia care program at Samvedna that covers cognitive assessment, home care programs, group programs and caregiver support. During these challenging pandemic times, you can avail of home care programs like CST and help your loved one with dementia.

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