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Substance Abuse during COVID19

Substance Abuse during COVID19

With lockdown restrictions now beginning to ease, liquor shops have got a go-ahead to open up and everyone is rushing to re-stock their supplies. One can see hoards of people thronging the shops and all social distancing norms seem to have been thrown out of the window. With social confinement, no mobility and the overwhelming situation of corona virus has many reaching out for alcohol, nicotine or other substances to seek solace and comfort.

Samvedna hosted a panel discussion on May 1st, 2020 with Dr. Kislaya Mishra, Consultant Psychiatrist and Dr. Jayashree Dasgupta, Samvedna Care, on Substance abuse during COVID19. The discussion was focused on understanding dependence on substances like alcohol, nicotine, tobacco. Knowing when to see the warning signs and what steps to take in case one is getting too dependent on alcohol or nicotine. The panelists provided insight both into the medical as well as psychological aspects of over use and dependence on Alcohol and nicotine.

You can watch the panel discussion here

Samvedna Care specializes in eldercare services. During the COVID19 crisis our team of psychologists and social workers is working diligently to ensure the physical and emotional health of the elderly remotely. We provide support for  mental health through online counselling services. We also support caregivers taking care of elderly with dependency and chronic ailments. Reach out to Samvedna Care for any help you need in coping with the COVID19 situation.

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