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Let’s Talk About Alzheimer’s – All You Need to Know About Dementia Care

All You Need to Know About Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and affects many of the older adults. It’s a neurological disorder in which the brain cells die, causing memory loss and cognitive decline. Seeing your loved one suffer from Alzheimer’s and his/her memories and skills eroding, seems daunting. There are different stages of Alzheimer’s disease: 

Mild: The elderly can function independently. However, they might face difficulty in concentrating or remembering recent events. 

Moderate: Significant memory loss and confusion – the elderly might have difficulty recognizing family members and close friends. 

Severe: The elderly might require help with all basic daily activities, lose awareness of the surroundings, and not recognize family members. 

However proper care can make the biggest difference in your loved one’s life. Dementia care proves to be of great help and might slow down the progression of dementia along with improving the quality of the older adult’s life. Here’s all you need to know about dementia care. 

  • Cognitive Stimulation Therapy 

A multidisciplinary team at Samvedna Care is involved in carefully designing the plans for dementia elderly care in Delhi. The plan includes cognitive stimulation therapy to boost the memory of the elderly suffering from dementia. Our individualized therapy program is carefully curated for the older adult with initial stage dementia. It encompasses a series of modules that focus on cognitive stimulation and the elderly are motivated to participate in the same. The therapy works towards enhancing the quality of the older adult’s life and makes way for social interaction. 

  • Social Wellbeing Services 

In order to keep the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s busy and active, our skillful experts have carefully devised a social wellbeing program. It is apt for the senior citizens having initial to moderate stage dementia. The experts customize the plan in order to adjust to the elderly’s personality and likes. It attempts towards intellectual companionship and motivating the person towards socializing. A blend of mind stimulation tasks and games results in keeping the senior citizen’s mind active. The plan proves to be of great help by slowing down the progression of dementia.

  • Long Term care at home  

Provide the elderly suffering from Alzheimer’s disease with relief by opting for our long term dementia care at home. The service offers holistic care to the elderly via continuous monitoring and supervising. In order to provide three sixty degree care to the older adult, the plan encompasses regular physician visits at home, nursing care, attendant services, medication management, and supply of other healthcare requirements like diagnostics, medical apparatus, etc. Our specialists even offer family counselling along with psychological assessments and remedies for the senior citizen.  

  • Respite Care Services  

The elderly with Alzheimer’s and dementia require the best care. While the family members are there to look after them, running errands and some other commitments might keep them busy. You can count on our respite care services as we are the best Alzheimer’s and dementia center in Delhi and provide support and care to the elderly while you are away or just planning to rest for a while. The service is appropriate for the elderly suffering from moderate to advanced stage dementia. Our expert and highly skilled caregivers adapt to the requirements of the older adult’s changing needs. The program encompasses an amalgamation of reminiscence therapy, tactile and sensory stimulation activities and also comprises components of art, music, and dance therapy. 

  • Caregiver Enablement Program

A skilled and talented team of experts enable family caregivers to provide the best care to the elderly with dementia. Our specialists empower you by training on several characteristics of cognitive stimulation along with providing psychoeducation about dementia. In case of an emergency, on-call support is extended by the experts.

At Samvedna Care, our sensitive and highly-trained experts put in a lot of effort to preserve the mental health of senior citizens. We are amongst the best dementia care centres in Delhi as our eldercare specialists leave no stone unturned to provide good care to the older adults. 

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