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How to look after the mental health of elders

How to look after the mental health of elders

Older adults have a lot coming their way in terms of mobility issues, diminished immunity, and health problems. This is accompanied by isolation and limited social interaction that leads to the feeling of loneliness. The same causes stress, anxiety, depression, low self-worth, and lack of motivation. However, by taking proper measures, it is possible to take care of the mental health of the elderly and ensure their overall well-being. Read on to know-how.

  1. Encourage the elders to talk it out

With a decline in functional ability, rising health problems, and plenty of free time after retirement, the elderly are most likely to succumb to negative thinking and depression. This can be altered to some extent if the elderly start to express their concerns and obstacles. You would need to take out time and help them unwind. This will motivate them to speak up about the hindrances that are bothering them. Moreover, make it a point to spend some quality time with them or contact them daily if you live far away. This will, to some extent, do away with the feeling of loneliness and ensure the good mental health of the elderly.

  1. Counselling

If you witness some changes in the behaviour of the elderly and observe them be stressed at all times with increased restlessness and anxiety, you must ensure that they get help. Counselling for depression in the elderly is a good option that will work towards helping the elder member in managing stress and emotional challenges. However, under the recent circumstances of COVID-19, paying a visit to the doctor might put the senior member at risk. Instead, you can opt for an online counselling session. Samvedna Care offers online counselling for the elderly and helps them overcome the feelings of loneliness, isolation, and depression.

  1. Psychological assessment:

Psychological assessment for the elderly will help the senior members of your house a great deal and will accelerate the process towards overcoming depression and stress. We, at Samvedna Care, have psychologists specially dealing with geriatric patients who are qualified in evaluating and integrating information from various psychosocial, cognitive, health, and functional abilities to develop a treatment plan for mental and behavioural health problems of senior members. This treatment becomes even more necessary for older adults who are on medications for the regulation of chronic conditions and are at a higher risk of getting affected by the adverse side effects of psychiatric medications. Therapy will help older adults to cope with issues of aging and their emotions. This will also give them a chance to explore new sources of enjoyment and meaning.

  1. Memory screening

The elderly tend to forget a lot of things. It might not seem alarming initially as one can assume this to be natural due to old age. However, it can get worse with time. Thus, memory screening for elderly becomes imperative. We at Samvedna Care, conduct memory screening tests for the elderly to recognize early symptoms of dementia. Simple memory screening tests conducted by our trained specialists can help differentiate between normal aging and possible dementia so that older adults can benefit from scientific-based early interventions that have been proven to slow down the progression of the illness.

  1. Exercising

Motivate the older adults to exercise regularly. They can perform simple exercises like going for a walk. Staying physically active is highly effective in curing mild to moderate depression. It also boosts self-esteem, keeps them fit, wards off diseases, and promotes good sleep patterns.

Mental wellbeing of the elderly is of paramount importance and we at Samvedna Care ensure their psychological well-being with a team of eldercare experts and psychologists. We also offer attendant services in Gurgaon for the elderly. Our special care packages for the elderly provide good care and assist in day-to-day activities.

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