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How to choose the right Home Care Nursing Service?

How to choose the right Home Care Nursing Service?

Today, with vast technological advancements in healthcare, the longevity of people is increasing. However, old age comes with many problems. For elderlies, their movement becomes restricted, their social circle comes to a standstill and their need for medical assistance increases. In this case, where elderlies become dependent on others for their daily personal activities and chores— either a home care service or a care center becomes the option to choose from. Usually, a family member becomes a caregiver but handling the needs of the elderly can be difficult— this is where home care nursing services come in.

An attendant can fill the gaping need for social interaction while tending to their needs. An attendant can help with daily personal activities like grooming, feeding, planning meals, and small chores while giving medical assistance if needed. They can also help your parents with post-operative care and light exercises.

But how can you choose the right home care nursing services? Ask yourself these questions before settling on one-

  • Does it give your elderly the independence they want?: With old age, loss of independence, be it because of limited movement or financial restrictions, can cause depression, anxiety, and feeling of isolation in elders. Check if the attendant from the home nursing service you are looking to finalize is apt at helping to provide the elders an independent lifestyle with added care in their home.
  • Does it fill the void of lack of socialization?: Due to their reduced social interaction and the busy schedule of family members, elders are often victims of loneliness and isolation. The presence of an attendant from a home nursing service can often make the elders feel happy and hone a positive outlook towards the day. Check if the attendant you are choosing is well-versed in how to interact with elders to avoid any miscommunication.
  • Can the attendant fulfill basic medical requirements?: While choosing a home care nursing service make sure that their attendant is able to perform basic medical-healthcare tasks like medication management, blood pressure monitoring, along with taking blood sugar readings and tracking them efficiently. Additionally, make sure that the attendant knows the alarm points of blood pressure and sugar readings.
  • Does the home care nursing service have medically trained attendants?: While family members may miss out on certain signs, an attendant from a home care nursing service is trained for medical emergencies. See if the attendant can recognize signs of distress, change in behavior, eating habits, physical appearance, and overall health. This not only gives the elder the care they need but also gives the family a heads up in case of near-future medical assistance.
  • Is the attendant well-groomed? : Just like any medical staff, even an attendant from a home care nursing service needs to be well-groomed. Notice if the attendant is presentable, follows basic hygiene standards, etc to look more approachable and friendly. 

While an attendant from the home care nursing service will take care of the elder’s needs but they also provide emotional support to the family members. Now, as a family member, one may feel incompetent in taking care of their elder family member’s needs. However, if one is hiring an attendant, they are not only ensuring that the older family member’s needs are fulfilled while addressing the physical and mental requirements efficiently. If you are considering getting a home care nursing service into the process of taking care of your elder then, consider Samvedna Care’s Personal Care Service. Samvedna has attendants that are trained to manage medical needs and situations related to elders. 

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