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Five tips on how to deal with the death of a celebrity

Five tips on how to deal with the death of a celebrity

It has been two days that we heard the unfortunate news of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death by suicide. It came across as a shock to everyone since no one expected such an event to take place. He was a terrific actor and a decent human being with a bright future ahead. However, his demise put a full stop to a life that might have been filled with happiness and success. His sudden death made us stop and realize how fragile life is and how one decision can starkly affect one’s life in so many ways.

Celebrities are people who we idolise. They are people with whom we feel a connect. They remind us of well, us. This can be as specific as their connection to a moment in our past, or as general as the fact that they are about our age or have something else in common to us. Whether it is cancer, suicide, overdose, accident or any other type of death, it can hit a nerve.  It may be because we have struggled with the same thing, or it may be because we lost someone in the same way. When a celebrity dies who brought us comfort in our difficult times, it can be especially painful and bring up past losses. One of the reasons that celebrity deaths are affecting us much more is that the news is everywhere. You turn on the TV, listen to the radio, log on to social media, look at google news and you just can’t avoid it.  This constant exposure can be overwhelming and it can make it hard to get a break from the tough emotions.

Experiencing distress because of a celebrity death is sometimes a similar experience to the loss of a loved one. However, this form of distress and emotional reaction is often overlooked in our society and one is unable to express his/ her grief. However, it is imperative to work through these emotions ultimately moving towards acceptance of reality. An individual can practice the following strategies to cope with the situation.

  • Minimize social media use– Social media is a powerful tool. However, after tragedies like a celebrity death, a lot of material is put up on it which may or may not be authentic. It may also act as a trigger for an individual who is already distressed. Therefore, minimizing social media use for a few days after the tragedy helps in orienting one to the real world which is important to cope with the situation.
  • Talk about your feelings– It is always a good idea if you can share your thoughts with others who are navigating similar grief. Whether you attend memorials or talk to a friend, it is important to find an outlet to connect with others about the person you admired and why they meant so much to you.
  • Feel your own aliveness– That could mean going on a walk or giving back to your community or going on the solo trip of your dreams—anything to reconnect with our spirit and return to the most vibrant and powerful iteration of your own being.
  • Hold on to the good memories—Although that person is gone what they gave you is still here – the music, inspiration, emotions, memories, etc. These memories would help you maintain a connection with the one who’s gone and provide you reassurance that these memories would always be yours.
  • Monitor your emotional state– Loss is a stressor and can trigger a number of health and mental health problems. If you’re grieving a loss and are showing signs or symptoms of depression, it’s important to seek the help of mental health professional.

While it is natural to cry, feel sad, or even be angry at the death of a celebrity, you should be aware of how long you stay in that state and get help if it lasts too long.

We at Samvedna Care are with you in this journey and are fully equipped to provide you support in dealing with grief. In case you need an outlet to share your concerns or just vent out or need emotional support, please feel free to contact us. Connect with our specialist virtually. We offer online counselling sessions to help you with mental health issues. You can book a session and discuss your concerns with our specialist who can help you deal with your anxiety and stressors. The best time to get rid of negative emotions and challenges from your life is always now. So, book a session and vent out your concerns.

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