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Eye Doctor’s Talk at our Activity Centre

In the series of regular monthly Doctor’s Visit & Talks, a very informative talk on Cataract & Diabetes, was held at our centre last week by Dr. Parul Sharma from Max Hospital, Gurgaon.

The doctor talked about Cataract, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Night Blindness and covered various important issues related to eye health. She stressed upon the importance of vitals like Blood Pressure and Sugar and their impact on eye diseases.

Some Eye Basics

Some important dos & don’ts that are beneficial for our eyes – Cold water wash with refrigerated drinking water not tap water, use of sun glasses, importance of washing and sanitizing hands in order to protect the eyes from any kind of infection.

The doctor stressed on the importance of regular eye checkups and the key timelines.  Glaucoma patients should get a checkup every four months, above 40 – Once a year, Kids – at preschool, an infants at the time of birth.

Diet & Exercises

The doctor recommended deep breathing exercises to improve blood circulation in eye vessels. Intake of nutritious diet with all colors red & green veggies are recommended. Walnuts are rich source of antioxidants; everybody should make a habit of eating 3-4 walnuts daily. She recommended yoga exercises, but advised not to do Kapalbhati.

Q&A Session

In the interactive session members posed various queries and concerns related to eye health. They asked questions about issues like glaucoma, color blindness, retina displacement, night blindness, types of cataract lenses, anti-glare lenses etc. The doctor recommended the use of antiglare lenses to protect against UVR.

The doctor also broke the myth around progressive lenses and recommended bifocals for normal day to day needs. She cautioned against blindly following the optometrists and advised that Progressive lenses were suited for people in their early forties since they have to be engaged in computer work. Also the progressive lenses are most successful when the spectacle frame is broad.

Eye Donation

The doctor urged everyone to pledge their eyes for donation and explained the procedure. It was interesting to know that anybody can donate their eyes as no matching is required. One can register for eye donation with various eye banks, the most reliable is the AIIMS Eye Bank and one can reach them at 011-26593060. Our eyes are fit for donation within 6-8 hours after death.

So pledge your eyes to enable other to see this beautiful world after you are gone.

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