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Ensuring your elderlys health remotely

Ensuring your elderlys health remotely

With the millennials always on the move for better education and job opportunities, it makes caring for the parents and elderly a difficult task. By being hundreds and thousands of kilometers away from the parents, it gets difficult to keep a tab on their health and ensure their safety. However, without compromising on the career, one can easily look after the elderly with remote care. Thankfully there are organizations like Samvedna Care which provide senior citizen care at home while you are away. Below, we have listed down a multitude of ways with which you can ensure proper care of the elderly’s health remotely. 

  • Make use of the technology  

Virtual assistants and GPS are a boon for the elderly. As older persons tend to forget things, virtual assistants make remembering things easier. These constantly send reminders to the elderly about their medication schedule, exercise schedule, doctor’s appointment, etc. Your parents can also call the doctor immediately with the virtual assistant if they are not feeling well. 

You can also closely monitor the location of your parents with GPS. This will come in handy if the elderly suffer from disorders like Alzheimer’s or dementia. These services can provide an accurate location. If you are uncomfortable with the usage of technology to care for your elders, Samvedna Care has professionals who visit home and cater to the elderly’s physical and emotional health.  

  • Online doctor appointment 

Instead of making your parents run from pillar to post and stand in long queues for their turn at the doctor’s office, make it hassle-free for them by booking an online appointment. You can easily search for a good doctor online and can book a slot. Moreover, one can get the prescriptions and reports of the elderly online. This will allow you to keep a tab on their health. If you are unable to find good doctors nearby, we have it sorted for you. We offer doctor on call services where the doctor pays a visit at home for senior citizens in times of need as well as those who require post-operative care, long term care and pain management. Samvedna Care also provides hospital assistance where we support the elderly by accompanying them to the clinic/hospital for doctor consultations, reviewing the medical history and understanding the prescriptions and recommended line of recovery and follow up visits.

  • Travel assistance 

You can also ensure that the journey to the hospital is a smooth one by booking cabs for your parents. If it’s not feasible and the elderly member hesitates to travel alone, we at Samvedna Care offer travel assistance for elders and seniors in Delhi NCR with special travel needs and ensure a safe and comfortable journey.   

  • Emergency contact list 

Prepare a list with all the information. The list must encompass all the doctors’ names that your parents are and were consulting, their specialties, and phone numbers. Also, include all the medications that are being taken. This list will be of great help in case of an emergency. The caregiver, neighbours, or your parents themselves can immediately contact the doctor. 

  • Care manager support 

You can hire a care manager to pay attention to your parents’ needs and health. We, at Samvedna Care, extend care manager support where a trained professional is there in times of emergencies and supports the elderly in distress by facilitating timely medical needs as well as providing emotional and logistic support. 

  • Order medicines online 

You must leverage the technology and get the medicines delivered at the doorstep. This will do away with the elderly stepping outside (as it’s not safe in the current scenario of COVID-19), going long distances, and from store to store to buy medicines. Moreover, you can count on us for medication management for older adults in Delhi because our warm and compassionate care managers monitor, re-order, and refill the medication requirements every week. 

  • Lab tests  

Lab tests indicate a lot of underlying problems and help in the timely treatment of the same. Hence, it is imperative to get the elderly tested at regular intervals. Samvedna Care too administers all diagnostic needs of the elderly. We provide a whole range of lab tests including Blood Sugar (HBA1C), Complete Blood Count (CBC), Lipid Profile, Kidney Function Test (KFT), Liver Function Test (LFT), Thyroid (TSH), Diabetic Profile and Vitamin B12/ Vitamin D. 

Samvedna Care has been ensuring proper care of the elderly since 2013. Our team of eldercare experts, social workers, and psychologists work day in and out to make certain the proper physical and emotional health of the elderly, remotely. We also offer travel assistance for elders and seniors in Delhi NCR and provide accompaniment services for senior citizens with special travel needs. Samvedna Care experts are always there for you and your loved ones. 

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