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Doctor’s Talk on Sleep Disorders

Doctor’s Talk on Sleep Disorders

An excellent talk on Sleep Disorders by Dr. Manoj Goel, Fortis Hospital was held at our centre today. This was followed by a free Lung Function Test for all the participants

The doc talked about various types of sleep disorders and the causes. Today’s discussion specifically centered around ‪#‎OSA‬ ‪#‎Obstructive‬ Sleep Apnea (Snoring). So if you snore a lot it doesn’t really mean that you are having a good sleep, it could be a physiological issue which is obstructing normal breathing. He also discussed in detail about Insomnia and the different types like Primary Insomnia due to Psycho/Social, Psychosomatic symptoms which can be managed by lifestyle modifications. The other being Secondary Insomnia which could be due to physical/mental reasons, psychiatric issues and acute anxiety, mood disorders etc. The secondary insomnia needs to be treated clinically and a doctor should be consulted for it.

5 basic tips to get a good night’s sleep :

1. 20-25 minutes of walk
2. Early morning sun for 20 minutes ( guaranteed good sleep)
3. Light Exercises
4. Avoid day time sleep, take short naps of not more than 20-25 minutes
5. Eat you dinner 2 hours before bed time

Some more advise :

1. Sleeping pills will not help in the long run
2. Mind that drink ! It will help only intially
3. Best drink to induce sleep – MILK
4. Set your sleep/wake clock
5. Meditation/ Warm shower at night helps
6. Free your mind at bed time, leave your worries behind

Here is my personal best tip from the doc ! “Cockroach doesn’t sleep at night, Human Beings should not sleep during the day”

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