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Chair Yoga Exercises for Lower Body

No matter what age we are, there is always that desire to feel our best so that we can live the life we want.

Our Gentle Chair Yoga Expert, Jyoti Nanda has been conducting Chair Yoga sessions for our audience to encourage physical fitness during the lockdown due to coronavirus.

Gentle yoga poses and sequences can support and maintain the health of the lower body especially the hips by working on four areas – flexibility, strength, stability and mobility.

Jyoti Nanda explains that to keep the bones, cartilage, muscles and ligaments of the hip joint healthy, we need to incorporate exercises that allow abduction, adduction, flexion and extension. Besides the hip also has the ability to rotate internally and externally. However, some of these movements are not recommended for people who have had hip replacements or knee replacements. In such specific cases, you can look for physiotherapy services for seniors in Delhi or look for centres in India that provide home care services for the elderly. If you experience any difficulty while doing these exercises, you should stop immediately and remember that doctor consultation is a call away in Delhi or any other city where you might be residing. You can also look into centres that offer elder care or home care services and specialize in physiotherapy for elders.

Motion is lotion! So it is essential to move the hips in their entire range of motion.

Watch the session here and introduce these simple exercises in your routine to remain fit and healthy. Chair Yoga for Lower Body

Samvedna Care has been working with elderly since 2013, as eldercare experts, our team of psychologists and social workers are working diligently to ensure the physical and emotional health of elderly remotely. We all hope that this hour of crisis will be over sooner than later and we will be able to resume our normal lifestyles.

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