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Chair Yoga exercises for a frozen shoulder

Our Gentle Chair Yoga Expert, Jyoti Nanda has put together a demonstration of exercises for relieving pain due to a frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder is stiffness, pain and limited range of motion in the shoulder. The tissues around the joint stiffen, scar tissue forms and shoulder movements become difficult and painful. So mostly to avoid the pain, people stop the use of the affected joint. But this leads to ‘if you don’t use it you lose it’. So deliberate movement is necessary to gradually bring back the full range of movement.

Movement can be used to improve blood flow in these muscles, which will help to lessen the pain. With continual range of motion movements, the muscles and fascia surrounding the shoulder will increase in flexibility so that the shoulder can function.

Here is a demonstration of swim strokes like exercises to ease the pain in the shoulder joint.

Swim strokes moves

  • Roll one shoulder back as head turns in that direction. Repeat on other side. Palms face upward.
  • Reverse the movement by rolling the shoulder forward with head tilted slightly downwards. Palms face downward.
  • Move both shoulders back like a backstroke palms upwards.
  • Move both shoulders forward like a butterfly with palms downward

Please watch the video to follow the steps. Please remember that all exercises should be done in consultation with your doctor. If you still experience pain or discomfort, you can opt for physiotherapy services for seniors in Delhi or or get a doctor consultation call away in Delhi. Many also provide elder care in home care services, which are ideal if you do not wish to exert yourself. Some centres also include physiotherapy in home care services for the elderly that are great for beginners.

Samvedna Care specializes in eldercare services at home. During the COVID19 crisis our team of psychologists and social workers is working diligently to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of the elderly remotely. We also provide services for mental health through our online counselling platform. We support caregivers taking care of elderly with dependency and chronic ailments. Reach out to Samvedna Care for any help you need in taking care of your elderly and coping with the COVID19 situation.

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