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Best practices for Senior Citizens in times of lockdown

Best practices for Senior Citizens in times of lockdown

By Archana Sharma, Founder & MD, Samvedna Care

Samvedna has been working with senior citizens since 2013, our organization’s mission is to promote active ageing for all. Over the past years we have done numerous programs with elderly and have encouraged them to step out, socialize, learn new things and be healthy. The lockdown due to COVID19 has impacted us all in more ways than we could have ever imagined.

This morning PM Narendra Modi announced that the lockdown will be in effect till 3rd May, 2020. He appealed and emphasized on focusing on seven key areas:

  1. Taking care of the elderly
  2. Practice Social Distancing, use homemade masks
  3. Build your immunity
  4. Download Aarogya Setu App
  5. Help the poor and needy
  6. Show compassion towards your workforce
  7. Respect and honour for the corona warriors

It is not surprising that the first appeal was to take care of the elderly in the family, considering that many elderly have a weaker immune system and suffer from chronic ailments. Globally we have seen how the pandemic has impacted the elderly population the most.  It cannot be over emphasized how important it is for elderly to take extra precaution and preventive measures during these difficult times.

The government has issued a very good advisory for senior citizens in different categories and we have summarized this here for you for better understanding:

Healthy seniors

  1. Maintain social distancing, stay at home, avoid large gatherings and most importantly do not encourage visitors.
  2. Remain socially active, talk to friends and family over phone and video calls, attend online programs, Samvedna has started an online webinar series for senior citizens, anyone can login into these from any location.
  3. Perform physical exercise within the house, perform chair yoga and do meditation
  4. Maintain your hygiene, wash your hands regularly, sneeze and cough into your elbow or use a tissue paper and discard properly.
  5. Clean your spectacles, stick and hearing aids regularly. Avoid touching your eyes, face and nose.
  6. Focus on your nutrition, eat hot meals and keep yourself well hydrated
  7. Monitor your health parameters regularly, avoid hospital visits for routine checkup, avail telemedicine consultations, senior citizen home care services and do not self-medicate.

Caregivers of dependent senior citizens

  • Wash your hands before attending to your loved ones
  • Use face masks while attending to them
  • Ensure that their hygiene is maintained and frequently wash their hands
  • Ensure they get proper meals and medication on time
  • Clean their personal items like walking cane, walker, wheel-chair, bedpan etc. regularly

Three things to watch out for and report any of these symptoms to the COVID helpline immediately

  1. Fever, with or without body ache
  2. New-onset, continuous cough, shortness of breath
  3. Unusually poor appetite, inability to feed

 Mental Health and wellbeing of seniors:

  1. Rely on credible sources of information, avoid excessive social media or news on TV
  2. Avoid tobacco, alcohol and other drugs to avoid loneliness or boredom
  3. If you have an existing mental health issue seek help online through various counselling platforms. Samvedna is offering free counselling to elderly needing help.
  4. Do not isolate yourself, engage in hobbies, talk to friends and relatives, use this time to learn technology
  5. Watch out for symptoms of drowsiness, depression, memory loss or delirium and seek help immediately.
  6. Opt for senior citizen care at home if you’re at high risk or need help.

Samvedna Care specializes in eldercare services at home and emergency services for elders in Delhi. During the COVID19 crisis our team of psychologists and social workers is working diligently to ensure the physical and emotional health of the elderly remotely. We provide services for elderly mental health through our counselling services. We also support caregivers taking care of elderly with dependency and chronic ailments. Reach out to Samvedna Care for any help you need in coping with the COVID19 situation.

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