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Benefits of Doctor Visits at Home for Elderly

Benefits of Doctor Visits at Home for Elderly

Home is everyone’s comfortable place, and the need to be home when you are sick is more than ever. While this is a universal truth, it becomes a kind of necessity for the older adults. With age, one prefers to stay, eat, and be at home. However, seasonal flu’s, a sudden fall or fluctuating BP levels, leave the elderly with little choice but to visit the doctor’s clinic or hospital. Going to the doctor despite mobility concerns or transportation constraints often leaves them miserable. Aggravating the concerns is the present spread of COVID-19. It is more complicated than before to go to the hospital or doctor even for routine check-ups. The elderly are vulnerable, especially if they already have any chronic health conditions.

Doctor-On-Call at Samvedna

The doctor consultation is just one call away for our Delhi centres. You can opt for the service for a regular health check-up, any common medical condition, or even the emergency services for seniors in Delhi in the event of a sudden fall. We also offer emergency hospital visits services for seniors in Delhi NCR to help with any requirement that you may have. For seniors who have any long-term illness or are at high-risk due to chronic illnesses, you can also take a look at care packages for elderly in nursing homes in Delhi to help they stay under constant monitoring.

Who Benefits from Doctor Visit at Home

If you have any of the below conditions or constraints, then the service of a doctor visiting you at home is beneficial.

  • Chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease
  • Any acute diseases
  • Bedbound patients who need immediate care
  • Elderly living alone in town

Benefits of Doctor Visiting you at Home

The good old days of doctors visiting patients at home are here again. The home healthcare landscape in India indicates a positive trend. A study conducted by CMR’s India Home Healthcare Report suggested that the concept of doctor visits at home can reduce hospital costs by 20% and prevent unnecessary hospital visits by up to 65%. There are many benefits when the doctor comes and visits you at home.

  • You feel attended and cared on time. When you are sick and unable to move around quickly, a doctor coming to you and prescribing you, the right treatment works as a blessing in disguise. The chances of speedy recovery also increase. The doctor on call service also works well if you are looking for long term care at home.
  • During the coronavirus pandemic, it will help you limit your visits to the doctor clinic or hospital and reduce your chances of contracting the coronavirus.
  • When the doctor comes home, you get relatively more time and can explain your situation better. There is no rush, and you can discuss the symptoms, dietary habits, and lifestyle in detail. In a hospital situation, you often feel rushed and tend to forget details. So, there is a sense of personal touch and scope of any misses reduce.
  • There is round the clock service available for the elderly with the empanelled doctors at Samvedna Care. An emergency can occur anytime, and our doctors will be happy to attend. You can also avail telemedicine support.
  • The doctor at home service also helps you avoid the hassle of booking cabs and rushing for your appointment.

For a personal and cared feel, the Samvedna Care doctors are at your service. The team is also equipped to cater to post-operative care, pain management, and long-term care. During this global pandemic, we recommend you make the most of this service, adhere to the COVID-19 protocols, and get the right treatment at home. There is also the telemedicine consultation service, and you can get a prescription based on the symptoms you share with the doctor over the telephone. Know more about our home health care and emergency services for seniors, and stay home, stay safe.

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