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7 benefits and 11 ideas for indoor games for seniors

7 benefits and 11 ideas for indoor games for seniors

In the golden years, older adults look for new ways to stay active, engaged, and entertained. Creating an environment that promotes joy, connection and mental stimulation is crucial for the well-being of older adults. The process of aging often brings about feelings of loneliness, especially when children have moved away or when one spouse has passed away. However, games can play a crucial role in alleviating these feelings. They not only challenge our cognitive abilities but also provide opportunities for socializing. Recognizing this, Samvedna Care offers intellectual companionship for senior care, where mental health therapists engage them in mind-stimulating activities that help them cope with anxiety and stress while enhancing their overall well-being, so instead of allowing board games to collect dust that is lying on the top of your cupboard and put them to use. Indoor games can be one of the best ways to keep seniors’ minds healthy and active. It offers a lot more than just entertainment such as enhancing memory, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

Samvedna Care highlights the power of indoor games both traditional and online. Let’s embark on a journey to discover the incredible benefits of such activities, and maybe you can try some of the ideas that are given below:

1) Creates happiness, reduces stress
While participating in a game, there is always a good amount of laughter. Laughing together and having fun can keep the seniors happy and healthy.

2) An opportunity to spend time together/ socialize
While growing up we often forget that our parents too are growing old. Often the family members have different schedules which push us in different directions. But playing games (maybe a card game) even for a short while with your elderly loved ones is a perfect way to spend time together. We may not realise the importance but for them, it’s quality time and a priceless gift.

3) Memory formation and cognitive skills
Board games or any indoor games help us to practice essential cognitive skills and enhance the parts of the brain responsible for complex thought and memory formation. Creative indoor games help the brain retain and build cognitive associations well in old age.

4) Keeps the risks for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia at bay
Keeping the mind of seniors active and engaged means they are exercising the brain and building it stronger. A stronger brain has lower risks of losing its power and thus reduces the risk of cognitive decline, such as associated with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

5) Lowers blood pressures
Laughter helps in producing endorphins (a chemical that gives the feeling of happiness) and that naturally help muscles to relax and blood to circulate which will evidently lower blood pressure.

6) Improves immune system
Positive feelings and thoughts, like the laughter and enjoyment that always comes with board games or card games, improve immunity by releasing some chemicals that fight stress and boost immune system.

7) Therapy treatment (coordination and dexterity)
Many board games require the use of fine motor skills to pick up or move pieces, actions that take both coordination and dexterity. Regular practice and activity improve their basic skills which are important to elderly.

Ideas of Indoor Games:

Incorporating a combination of indoor online games and traditional games into senior care routines offer a multitude of benefits that enhance the overall well-being of older adults. Over time, the preferences of older adults have evolved and an increasing number of older adults are now showing interest in online games. This shift has proven to be beneficial as online games are helping older adults stay active and engaged in new and exciting ways.

1) Card Games – Card Games such as bridge, rummy; pinochle etc. can stimulate the brain and help memory loss.

2) Board Games – Seniors can enjoy board games like scrabble, carom, Ludo, dominoes, world safari, monopoly, bingo etc.

3) Mahjong – This game involves tile matching. The players simply locate matching tiles and remove them in pairs until they can’t go further or they clear them all.

4) In my suitcase (memory game) – In this game, one person lists an object and the next person has to repeat the previous names and then add his or her own, and so on.

5) What’s That Saying – This game includes hundreds of well-known sayings.  Players are given clue words to figure them out.  Be the first to guess the correct saying!

6) Reminiscing – Sharing with friends and family the most memorable events, favorite holiday, best advice received, best advice given, funniest moment, favorite memory etc

7) Guess the song – One person plays songs, shares lyrics, or gives clues and the rest guess which song it is.

8) Computer Games – Words with Friends is a digital game that allows players to challenge their vocabulary, play with friends and family and engage in friendly competition

9) Crossword Puzzles and other interesting word games like Spellathon, make words, weave a story etc.

10) Pictionary

11) Dumb Charades

There is no such thing as “age appropriate” when it comes to play. At every age play is not a luxury, it is a necessity!


Samvedna Care goes above and beyond in providing exceptional elderly care through its dedication to incorporating engaging indoor games. The mental health therapists at Samvedna Care understand the unique needs and challenges that come with ageing. By offering a wide range of stimulating games and activities, they create an environment that fosters joy, connection, and mental well-being for older adults. Through their compassionate approach and commitment to intellectual companionship, Samvedna Care brings laughter, social interaction, and cognitive stimulation to the lives of seniors, promoting a higher quality of life and overall happiness. With its expertise in elderly care, Samvedna Care continues to be a reliable source of support and engagement for older adults, using the power of indoor games to enhance their well-being.

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