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Who am I now that she’s gone: Life after losing a loved one to dementia

1‘Caregiver’ definitely became my identity for my relatives, friends and society for almost 12 years. My father had Dementia. And though it’s just been a few months since we lost him, I can’t help but remember his little quirks and odd demands that he would make while he was staying with us. My days and nights were all spent in helping my father, trying my best to be there with him. Losing a parent does leave a palpable void.

At what age do we start planning for old age and 5 ways to do it

IMG_7632Aging is a time of transition. It happens naturally, but aging well takes careful planning. For many thousands of years, mankind has wondered when old age began. Beginning at the turn of the 20th century, life spans in India started steadily rising, from 32 years to 66.2 years. This is majorly due to availability of a vast array of drugs in the market.

4 ways to prevent and 7 ways to treat osteoarthritis

image002Osteo-arthritis is inflammation of the joint. We know of over a hundred causes for the inflammation of the joint. Many are due to injury, infection, autoimmune disorders, due to accumulation of crystals in the joint etc. Osteoarthritis or Degenerative arthritis is the commonest form of arthritis where we have not been able to find a cause. Since it happens most often in the elderly we feel that in some way it is due to the aging process and or an accumulation of injury over the years.

Why your elderly loved one should own fewer things

driveSimplifying yourself and your life is always a positive step ahead and it is never too late for it. It not only means simplifying it emotionally and psychologically, but also de-cluttering our surroundings and environment. This is specially important when we have elders around. Here are some points why it is healthier for us to own fewer material things in the golden years.

5 tips for bathing a person with dementia

dementia-bathingPersonal hygiene has always been a topic of much stress and concern among the caregivers of dementia. As care specialists too, we often hear instances of how making their loved ones bathe becomes a daily hassle causing strain and tensions. We all understand the host of infections and problems that can crop up with not maintaining proper hygiene. Our persistent effort in explaining and making them bathe is often met with strong resistance, often accompanied with them being aggressive: verbally and physically. Some of the tips that come handy in such times are.