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Post the pandemic mental health issues have become prominent, be it 18 years old to 80 years old person. Mental health issues can go undiagnosed and get labeled for various factors. Mental health tests help you understand and improve your mental health. Mental health assessment are examinations used to ascertain whether a person is healthy psychologically and socially. They are often used to assess mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression or neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Mental health assessments is a process using a combination of tests to help assess the behavior and severity of an illness, which can be used to diagnose and plan treatment. Samvedna Care is one organization which provides various mental health assessments, these assessments are conducted by qualified and experienced clinical psychologists.

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What is Mental health self-assessment?

Mental wellbeing is important to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Mental wellbeing self-assessment helps you to determine whether you or your loved one is experiencing symptoms of mental health concerns. These mental health self-assessment are brief and help you understand if you have symptoms of any mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety or any other concerns in your life and also determine if further assessment is necessary.

Need for mental health self-assessment

Sometimes, we may think we're doing well, but we're not really. We might be more anxious than usual, experiencing trouble sleeping, feeling irritable and so on. This is when it's important to do a mental health self-assessment and check in with ourselves as we don't want these little things to become bigger ones. It is vitally important to do a mental health checkup because we are more than our mental health. Every aspect of our lives is connected. If our mental health is affected, it might affect our biological, social and spiritual health. Moreover, everybody’s mental health keeps changing and one day is not the same as another. It is important to connect with how we feel to prevent ourselves from suffering through severe issues.

Samvedna Care's self-assessment will help you know yourself better and get a closer look at your mental wellbeing.

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Types of Mental wellbeing self-assessments

Whether we suspect mental health concerns in ourselves or we want to chart the progress towards mental health, mental health checkup is easy to use. Many mental wellbeing self-assessment are meant to provide insight about our wellbeing and whether we need to consult any mental health professionals. There are various mental health self-assessments that provides better idea of how we have been feeling.

Mental wellbeing self-assessment

Mental wellbeing is vital to lead a healthy and fulfilling life and the self-assessment will help to learn if we're emotionally healthy or experiencing mental distress.

Dementia Early Diagnostic test

Dementia self-assessment provides information if we or our loved ones experiencing symptoms and early diagnosis lead to early intervention, planning and treatment, which will help to improve the wellbeing of the person.

Caregiver burden evaluation

Caregiving is usually stressful, feeling overwhelmed when caring for a loved one is natural and there is no shame in seeking help. Online mental health checkup will help you understand if you are showing any signs of burnout, stress and so on.

Mental health Awareness

This assessment will help you to understand mental health and mental health concerns better by debunking the myths about mental health.

There are various other self-assessments from Samvedna Care

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Process of mental health self-assessment

The self-assessment is a quick way to check in on your overall health, and your behavioral health which includes mental health checkup, caregiver burden and mental health awareness. The self-assessment usually takes 5- 10 minutes to complete the assessment. Initially, you have to pick the one you want to take and give a response to the questions. Self-assessment assesses your mental wellbeing and after you complete the mental health self-assessment, you will see information, results and resources to help you understand and improve your mental health. The mental health test results indicate if you are experiencing any mental health concerns and help you to also start thinking about what next steps you can take, whether to seek professional support or learn about mental health.


ClickSamvedna Care self-assessments are quick to take and provides the results along with recommendations for each assessments. Post assessments, people can take a next step towards their mental wellbeing by understanding their result in detail with expert mental health professionals .

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The mental health self-assessments are not meant for a mental health disorder. These are only to provide insight to you about your mental wellbeing and the need to seek help from mental health professionals.

Yes! Samvedna care offers a wide range of self-assessment based on the latest scientific literature. Click here to get started!!

It’s always beneficial to take self-assessment again in 4-6 weeks to understand your current mental wellbeing and monitor the progress

Mental health assessments are detailed clinical evaluation of the current functioning of the individual to have a better understanding for diagnosis and treatment. A typical mental health evaluation lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. Whereas, mental health self-assessment is a brief assessment to understand how you are feeling currently or experiencing any mental health concerns and it usually takes 5-10 minutes to take the self-assessment.

Anyone above the age of 18 years can take the self-assessment to track their mental wellbeing.

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