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There can be communication breakdowns in a family where family members struggle to express themselves, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and emotional distance. Nonetheless, unresolved conflicts and tensions can also accumulate over time, creating a strained atmosphere within the family. This can result in feelings of frustration, resentment, and a lack of harmony among family members. Addressing and resolving these deep-seated issues becomes crucial to family counselling to promote a healthier and more supportive family environment. At Samvedna Care, the leading family counselling center in Bangalore, we know how important families are and want to help strengthen them. We have counsellors who are really good at understanding family problems. Families can talk with our counsellors to figure out why they're having issues.

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Explore the Benefits of Family Counselling

Improved Communication

Family counselling helps enhance communication skills among family members, fostering better understanding and empathy.

Conflict Resolution

It provides a structured platform for addressing and resolving conflicts, preventing the accumulation of tensions within the family.

Reduced Misunderstandings

Family counselling reduces misunderstandings by identifying and addressing the root causes of disagreements, creating a more harmonious family environment.

Enhanced Parenting Skills

Parents can gain valuable insights and skills to improve their parenting techniques, creating a more supportive and nurturing atmosphere for children.

Safe and Neutral Space

Counselling sessions offer a safe and neutral space for family members to express themselves openly without fear of judgment, promoting emotional connection.

Building Empathy

The counselling process encourages family members to understand each other's perspectives, fostering empathy and a sense of togetherness.

Proactive Approach

Family counselling is a proactive measure to strengthen family bonds, equipping families with tools to navigate challenges successfully.

Collective Well-being

It contributes to the overall well-being of individual family members and the family unit as a whole.


The benefits of family counselling extend beyond sessions, creating a more resilient family that can better cope with future challenges.

Shared Goals

Counselling helps families establish and work towards shared goals, promoting a sense of unity and purpose within the family.

How Samvedna Care Works as a Family Counselling Center

At Samvedna Care, our family counselling process is designed with your unique needs in mind. Our experienced psychologists begin by conducting a thorough assessment to understand the dynamics and challenges within your family. Based on this assessment, they collaboratively create a personalized treatment plan that works effectively for everyone involved. This plan serves as a roadmap to guide the counselling sessions, ensuring that the goals and concerns of each family member are addressed.

Our family counselling sessions are priced at ₹2500 for 60-90 minutes, providing a flexible and affordable option to support your family's well-being. Additionally, our services are available online, allowing you to access counselling sessions from the comfort of your home. We are committed to providing a safe and confidential space where your family can openly express themselves, strengthen bonds, and work towards achieving a harmonious and fulfilling family life

What Makes Samvedna Care Stand Out from the Crowd?

Samvedna has been a prominent mental health and well-being care service provider since 2014. Our method focuses on individuals and follows evidence-based principles. Through our technology-enabled service platform, we provide online mental health counselling and psychiatric consultations.

Having delivered over a hundred thousand hours of mental health services and more than ten thousand hours of caregiver support, we take pride in our extensive experience.

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Our skilled mental health therapists collaborate with you, assessing and understanding your concerns before embarking on your care plan journey.

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Our services are available online, providing the convenience of accessing counselling sessions from the comfort of your home.

Our family counselling sessions typically last 60 to 90 minutes, and the cost is ₹2500. We offer a flexible and affordable option to support your family's well-being.

If your family is facing communication issues, conflicts, or challenges, or if you're dealing with stress, Samvedna Care's family counselling can be beneficial. It's also helpful for addressing parenting concerns, grief, or adjusting to life changes.

Approach them with understanding and share your reasons for seeking therapy. If they are uncomfortable, don't insist; instead, listen to their concerns openly and have a non-judgmental conversation. Alternatively, you can meet with your counsellor and seek advice on how to involve your family.

The counsellor avoids assigning individual blame or pinpointing causes; instead, they concentrate on resolving issues, enhancing communication, and fostering healthier bonds within the family.


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