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Individuals experiencing Dementia encounter difficulties in remembering information, learning new things, planning activities, and gradually relying more on others for their well-being. The impact of Dementia extends to families, who often struggle to access practical information on the condition and how to care for their loved ones effectively.

Without a formal dementia diagnosis, individuals and their families often grapple with uncertainty about the root cause of cognitive decline. This lack of clarity can lead to delayed or inadequate care planning, making it challenging to address the specific needs and challenges associated with Dementia. A timely diagnosis is crucial for implementing appropriate interventions, support, and lifestyle adjustments that can significantly enhance the quality of life for both individuals with Dementia and their caregivers.

In recent years, Samvedna Care has developed a range of comprehensive programs for Dementia diagnosis in Bangalore, addressing the various challenges those affected face. From diagnostic assessments to tailored therapies, support programs for family members, and trained caregivers for personal care needs, our solutions are crafted to assist individuals with Dementia and their families throughout the illness.

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Our Mission

At the core of our mission is the commitment to enhance the quality of life for individuals grappling with Dementia, allowing them to uphold their dignity amidst the challenges they face. Our intervention programs are thoroughly designed, drawing guidance from evidence-based practices and emphasizing person-cantered care. Esteemed within the medical community, these programs undergo thorough research to ensure their efficacy.
Caring for a family member with Dementia introduces a host of challenges. Whether it's navigating through behavioural changes or making crucial decisions about care provision, we recognize the significance of offering robust support to families. Our programs are strategically designed to not only address the specific needs of those with Dementia but also to empower and assist family members throughout the caregiving journey. We aim to provide families with the tools and resources comprehensively.

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Dementia Diagnosis Process

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A thorough assessment, encompassing detailed memory and clinical evaluations, forms the foundation for crafting an effective care plan. This process entails posing pertinent questions to the patient and their family, aiming to comprehend specific areas of concern, and providing tailored recommendations.

Discover a Dementia Caregiver

Professionally trained Dementia caregivers offer invaluable assistance to families in managing the day-to-day activities of their loved ones. These caregivers are attuned to the unique needs of individuals with Dementia and possess the skills to navigate challenging behaviors with sensitivity.

Empower Caregivers

Caring for someone with Dementia presents formidable challenges. Our caregiver enablement program equips caregivers with a heightened awareness of the illness and its progression. Participants also gain insights into managing the intricacies of challenging behaviors associated with Dementia.

Engage in a Support Group

Support groups provide a supportive community for individuals facing similar challenges. Typically featuring discussions with experts, these groups offer caregivers a valuable opportunity to understand better the nuances of Dementia and share experiences with like-minded individuals.

Explore Dementia Therapies

For individuals with mild to moderate cognitive impairment, stimulation and memory exercises are recommended. In cases of severe deficits, multi-sensorial stimulation often proves beneficial in enhancing cognitive functioning.

Access Medical Consultation

Specialized medical professionals in geriatrics are available for teleconsultation, allowing families to connect with doctors from the comfort of their homes. This service provides a convenient and accessible avenue for seeking expert advice on Dementia-related concerns.

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What Makes Samvedna Care Stand Out of the Rest?

Our dedication lies in assisting individuals with Dementia to achieve greater independence while upholding their dignity. Our approach to dementia diagnosis in Bangalore or any other city revolves around patient-centered treatment, incorporating best practices rooted in scientific evidence. Caring for a family member or friend coping with Dementia poses inherent challenges. Acknowledging the complexities involved, we understand the importance of supporting families in navigating care decisions—whether adapting to a loved one's evolving behavior or managing their self-care.

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Our dementia diagnosis encompasses a comprehensive assessment that includes memory tests, clinical evaluations, and discussions with the patient and their family. This holistic approach aids in understanding the extent of cognitive impairment and forms the basis for a personalized care plan.

Our dementia diagnosis process prioritizes the patient's unique needs and experiences. By emphasizing a patient-centered approach, we ensure that the diagnostic process is tailored to the individual, considering their specific symptoms, concerns, and lifestyle.

A formal dementia diagnosis is crucial for several reasons. It clarifies the nature of cognitive decline, enabling timely and appropriate interventions. Additionally, it serves as the foundation for effective care planning, allowing families to understand better and address the challenges associated with Dementia.

We follow best practices rooted in scientific evidence for dementia diagnosis. Our approach is guided by established protocols and methodologies endorsed by the medical community, ensuring accuracy and reliability in the diagnostic process.

Post-diagnosis, we recognize the challenges families face in making care decisions. Our support extends to providing guidance on managing behavioral changes, offering caregiver enablement programs, and facilitating access to trained dementia caregivers. We aim to empower families with the knowledge and resources needed for effective care.


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