How does Samvedna Care Become Your Companion in Reducing Depression?

Sometimes, life can feel really tough, especially when it comes to dealing with feelings of sadness and loneliness. That's where depression comes in, making things even harder. The problem is that getting the right support can be tricky, leaving many folks feeling alone in their struggles. But here's where Samvedna Care steps in as a friendly helper. Let's take a closer look at how Samvedna Care is here to be your support and guide when it comes to dealing with those heavy feelings of sadness and loneliness.

Samvedna Care provides expert counselling sessions for depression in Bangalore with care and confidentiality. We provide online support to individuals going through emotional or psychological distress so people from anywhere can seek help from us. 

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Counselling  Services We Offer

Supportive counselling

Supportive counselling is designed for individuals navigating everyday challenges. It aims to enhance decision-making skills and impart problem-solving, self-soothing, and self-affirmation techniques. This approach fosters traits that contribute to a happier, more balanced life and is particularly effective in a limited number of sessions.

Caregiver counselling

For caregivers often feeling isolated, our psychologists provide essential skills and resources. This includes self-care, pressure and crisis management, addressing mental health difficulties, and problem-solving. Our psychologists listen, develop treatment plans, and assist caregivers in setting and achieving their goals.

Cancer and Long-Term Illness counselling

Individuals facing chronic illnesses often grapple with mental health challenges. counselling, supported by scientific research, helps patients confront long-term sickness, adopt a positive outlook, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and fulfill their responsibilities.

Relationship counselling

Whether facing challenges or not, relationship counselling helps couples gain insight into their dynamics, fostering shared and individual goals. Seeking relationship or couples counselling can be beneficial for both partners.

Lifestyle counselling

Lifestyle counselling focuses on creating a balanced life and making informed decisions. Emphasizing aspects like diet, exercise, work-life balance, and overall contentment, this form of counselling aims to facilitate manageable changes without overwhelming individuals.

Family counselling

Family counselling aids in repairing broken relationships, learning coping mechanisms for difficult situations, and understanding how to care for a loved one with physical or mental health challenges. It provides a secure space to discuss sensitive topics like financial or marital issues that might be uncomfortable to address directly with family members.

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Explore the Advantages of Samvedna’s Counselling  Services

Our counsellors are highly qualified and possess extensive knowledge of mental health matters, holding master's degrees in clinical psychology. With expertise in dealing with addiction, schizophrenia, dementia , depression, and various psychological issues, our psychologists have earned M.Phil. degrees from RCI-approved institutions. They bring valuable experience in conducting evaluations, screening tests, psychotherapy, and counselling for individuals, groups, and families.

Entrusting the care of your loved ones to strangers is never a simple decision. It can be challenging to imagine older individuals interacting with unfamiliar faces. That's why Samvedna operates with a unique approach.

What Makes Samvedna Care Stand Out from the Rest?

Our qualified counsellors are proficient in diverse therapy methods, enabling them to determine the most suitable model for your specific needs. In addition to traditional talk therapy, we provide various online and digital solutions, including mindfulness training and emotion control. These online tools offer convenient access to self-care techniques that can be practiced anytime, anywhere.

Our clients enjoy access to a secure and private online environment supported by our counsellors' extensive training and experience.

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To ensure the constant protection of your privacy, our our online depression counselling platform is encrypted with multiple layers of security. We also offer 24/7 access to support you whenever and wherever it suits you best.

So, visit our website to book counselling sessions for depression in Bangalore or wherever you are. 


Samvedna Care provides a range of counselling services tailored for depression, including supportive counselling, caregiver counselling, and specialized counselling for chronic illnesses.

No, Samvedna Care offers online depression counselling as well.

Yes, Samvedna Care takes privacy seriously. Our online platform is encrypted with multiple layers of security to safeguard your confidentiality during counselling sessions.

Absolutely. Samvedna Care values your convenience. We offer flexible scheduling, allowing you to choose the time that best suits your routine and preferences.

Yes, Samvedna Care understands that support may be needed at any time. We offer 24/7 access to ensure you can receive assistance whenever it is most beneficial for you.


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