Social Wellbeing for Dementia Patient - Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

In the year 2021, SB’s mother was diagnosed with Dementia. She approached Samvedna Care for at-home cognitive stimulation therapy sessions for her mother. A detailed psychological assessment was conducted on the patient. The results indicated moderate dementia and accordingly an individualized care plan was prepared. Dementia Therapist, Ravina created a care plan keeping in mind the patient’s abilities, interests, and hobbies. The objective of the care plan was to slow down the progression of the disease. Each therapy session focused on social engagement, mind stimulation activities, and providing emotional support.

TThe patient especially enjoyed engaging in art and craft activities, painting and conversations centered around her interests. The therapy sessions have helped the patient in managing the symptoms, boosting her self-esteem, creativity, and quality of life. The patient continues to enjoy the sessions, the therapist visits also help her with those difficult days when she is disoriented and in low mood. Periodic psychological assessments are conducted to monitor the progression of Dementia and care plans are accordingly revised.

At Samvedna Care, our team of experienced psychologists is committed to empowering all clients to lead happier and healthier lives. We take pride in providing tailored individualized therapy plans for your loved ones with dementia. Get in touch with Samvedna Care for expert- led caregiver counseling services to help you understand the symptoms and how to manage them and provide a better quality of life to the elderly. Take a free dementia self-assessment for your loved one at

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