Online Psychotherapy for Depression - Counseling for Mental illness

VA, a 71-year-old female sought online counseling sessions at Samvedna Care, her major concerns included experiencing excessive worry, overthinking, and emotional exhaustion due to caregiving responsibilities. These concerns persisted for more than six months, leading to growing concern within the family about her overall well-being. In order to determine her underlying concerns a comprehensive psychological assessment was carried out. The findings indicated mild to moderate levels of depression and she was recommended a combination of psychotherapy and psychiatric consultation. VA received psychotherapy along with caregiver enablement sessions from Samvedna’s team of Clinical Psychologists. Eight sessions of online Cognitive behavioral therapy helped her to understand her emotional challenges and acquire coping skills for effective management.

Towards the end of the therapy sessions, a thorough reassessment was conducted and the findings indicated improvement in her symptoms of depression and mental wellbeing. VA reported improvement in her well-being and better coping skills in her caregiving responsibilities.

At Samvedna Care, our team of experienced clinical psychologists is committed to empowering all clients to lead happier and healthier lives. We can help you with stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, lifestyle changes, long-term illness, caregiving stress, age-related disorders, and other concerns. Get started with your mental well-being self-assessment at

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