Online Dementia Therapy - Cognitive Stimulation Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

In the year 2017, CL, age 72, a leading industrialist, was diagnosed with initial stage Dementia. The daughter approached Samvedna Care for online cognitive stimulation therapy sessions for her father. CL is a businessman, who travels widely and manages his business interests. The patient also had insight into his condition and was looking for support for self. A detailed psychological assessment was conducted to determine the key challenges of the patient. An individualized care plan was developed by Dementia Therapist, Ravina keeping in mind his functional abilities, interests, and hobbies. The objective of the dementia care plan was to provide a holistic approach for the patient’s treatment. The care plan focused on medication review, patient’s environment and educating the family. The goal of the therapy sessions was to persevere CL’s abilities while engaging in meaningful activities and providing companionship.

The sessions are conducted online and are found to be as effective as face-to-face sessions. The therapy has helped CL remain functional in his work, boosted his self-esteem, and has helped improve his quality of life. The family has also been able to adopt communication strategies to manage challenging behaviour of CL.

At Samvedna Care, our team of experienced psychologists is committed to empowering all clients to lead happier and healthier lives. We take pride in providing tailored individualized therapy plans for your loved ones with dementia. Get in touch with Samvedna Care for expert- led caregiver counseling services to help you understand the symptoms and how to manage them and provide a better quality of life to the elderly. Take a free dementia self-assessment for your loved one at

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