Case Studies - Online Counselling for Mental Illness

GS, age 65, was experiencing emotional difficulties after a couple of traumatic experiences in her life. GS lived alone and her distress continued to increase, she reached a stage where she started experiencing extreme sadness, fears, suspiciousness, sleep, and appetite disturbance. Due to the complex nature of the case, she was hospitalized and psychiatric treatment was started. GS was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder which was managed to some extent by medication. Since she was an educated woman, the knowledge of the diagnosis worsened her anxieties and created the need for psychological management. A care plan with a three-pronged approach was developed for GS. This included Psychoeducation, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for management of distressing thoughts and Social Companionship for maintaining her motivation levels. A total of twenty-six sessions were provided over a time span of three months. The services provided were in a hybrid model where Clinical Psychologist Meenakshi Chopra and Care Specialist Vartika worked with GS to address her concerns. By the end of 3 months, GS and her daughters reported 50 % improvement in her overall emotional state, reduced anxiety level and improvement in general well-being. She was observed to be in better emotional control with fewer crying spells, being more active and higher acceptance towards her diagnosis.

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