Low mood and concentration difficulties - Counselling for Anxiety Disorder

IS is 21 years old, she approached Samvedna Care for issues like anxiety, low mood, conflicts with parents, difficulties in concentrating, low self-esteem, and expressing herself. The problems reported persisted for more than 5 years and the family was concerned about her well-being. IS was performing poorly in studies despite being a bright student. A baseline self-assessment on Samvedna MAP indicated that she had severe mental health issues (Level 3). A psychological assessment revealed that IS suffered from Anxiety Disorder. She was advised to undergo 6-8 counselling sessions to help resolve her concerns. Her therapist Clinical Psychologist, Meenakshi Chopra worked with IS on various aspects such as self-esteem, relationship building and anxiety. Gradually IS appeared calmer after each session and she also reported being able to communicate better with family. A secondary self-assessment after one month of therapy indicated moderate mental health concerns and IS was able to manage her condition well. She was subsequently put on Samvedna’s self-care plan to maintain her wellbeing and the frequency of therapy sessions were reduced. IS has reported improvement in here mental health concerns.

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