Caregiver Stress Counselling - Caregiver Enablement for Dementia Caregiver

In the year 2017, YS’s father was diagnosed with Dementia. She turned to Samvedna Care for caregiver enablement sessions for herself. Under the expert guidance of Clinical Psychologist, Navya, YS underwent a caregiver burden assessment, post which she was advised four session of Samvedna’s caregiver enablement program. The objective of the counselling sessions was to address her concerns and equip YS with essential coping skills. The sessions focused on understanding dementia, managing challenging behaviors, and tips on how to engage the loved ones in meaningful activities.

At the end of the caregiver counselling plan, YS reported significant progress in understanding and managing her father's condition. She felt more confident and resilient in her caregiving role and gained insights into how to manage her father’s repetitive behaviour, communication styles, personal hygiene and setting up a routine. She was able to focus on her self-care, giving herself more me-time with reduced guilt and worry.

At Samvedna Care, our team of experienced clinical psychologists is committed to empowering all clients to lead happier and healthier lives. We can help you with stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, lifestyle changes, long-term illness, caregiving stress, age-related disorders, and other concerns. Get started with your caregiver stress self-assessment at

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