Mr Vijay Varghese

Dementia Care

Good to hear mum is recalling a lot of memories that she was earlier unable to articulate. She seems much more self aware now as well. Thanks

Mr Phool

Retired from Air India

I used to work with Air India and have lived in many countries before finally moving back post retirement. Suddenly I found that after retiring I couldn't pass my time. So my son, who lives in America, came and contacted Samvedna and got me to join Samved

Piali Mukherjee

Emergency and Respite Care

Thank you so much for all the time you spent with Ma and for helping her at the doctor's office, coordinating with her doctor, and helping her get the medicines. I'm glad you two are bonding over shared conversation.


I wanted to thank Samvedna for providing excellent care for my mother-in-law and making an essentially needed accommodation for our family. I know how important your programme is for her mental health.



The venture that the Founders have undertaken is indeed a noble and commendable one. There is a lot of affection, compassion and a sense of caring and love for the senior citizens. In the centre, senior citizens from different walks of life and different strata of our society are able to come together under a common roof and a common platform and to interact with each other, to indulge themselves in various activities and hobbies of personal and common interest. All at the Centre are full of zest, zeal and commitment.



Taking care of your elderly parents is difficult when you are working - and even harder when you are living across the globe. I know this first-hand as I work in high tech in San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley, while my retired parents live in Delhi, India. My parents decided to live independently in their own home with no-one else nearby to help them with every day issues such as getting medications, help with making appointments and so on. The time difference between California and India makes even phone calls difficult. So I was delighted to arrange for regular home visits by a caregiver from Samvedna Senior Care. The care specialist helps manage my parents daily living needs, medications and hospital visits while sending me updates on their status by email. He is also their friend and companion and someone to talk to as loneliness is also an issue. This ensures that they are happy and reduces their anxiety level. The Samvedna service has been wonderful and I am glad to provide this testimonial.



Happiness come from HOPE or let me define it in simpler words - "Something to look forward to". Every day when we wake up in the morning we aspire to do things (things we love , things we just need to complete or things we do to be socially active), we look forward to execute some plan ,travel out ,meet people ,go to work etc.. But for someone who has limited mobility (wheelchair bound) having retired from work with children like us busy in their own daily routines - our country does not offer much of opportunity to do things Independently. This someone is my Mom for whom we have tried to look at numerous options where she can be social with people of her age group & enjoy meeting them in other sense LOOK FORWARD TO SOMETHING Every Morning. Samvedna Senior Care has been able to provide THAT missing "Look Forward to" factor in our mom's daily routine. I wish them to open more and more such senior care places and spread the happiness.



Samvedna - A fine initiative. When I joined Samvedna, I was not planning to be washed, fed and generally looked after. True, I was a Senior Citizen, though I have never quite understood the dynamics of that label. I know I multi-task more regularly than many who were much younger. I was not disappointed. I have been given the chance to look after my mind and body. Because where can you learn yoga and dance therapy and indoor games and Spanish and Computers and indulge in group discussions and celebrate anniversaries, all for the price of a membership only? Nowhere, in my reckoning. Actually, my only disagreement with what this unique Centre believes in, and actually delivers, is on the Care part of its name. After all, here you learn to Care for yourself, which, as you may agree, is not one of the easiest things to do.



We have found a family in Samvedna. Most of our relatives are in USA and Canada. My son and grand daughters are in USA. We had been feeling lonely and we kept thinking about our health problems and waiting for the day when Bholenath would call on us. However, we now look forward to meet our new family every day. On the occasion of Rakhi, the girls in the Samvedna staff had tied me rakhis. On my wife's birthday, the Samvedna family got her a cake and she received a card signed by everyone with lovely wishes. Samvedna has brought us smiles - we dance together too.


The home care by Samvedna has tremendously benefited my parents and family. It has given my parents a window to express their thoughts and talents, play a game or just hear a story sitting in the comfort of their home. For the rest of the family it is a treat to see and learn how the Samvedna staff brings out the best in our elders.



Now if I get the whole world, it does not matter, for now I say, I wish I would have found "Samvedna Activity Centre" a lot before. Anyway, better late than never - the consolation mantra. Wandering lifelessly but now I have found the purpose of my life with a big broad smile altogether in one basket. The loving welcome with sweet scented words and smiles enter into my lonely heart turning it into a bouquet of multi-hued flowers, all dancing with elation taking me up above into the blue horizon. With all my love and blessings forever.


Retired from Indian Army

Learning computers at Samvedna Senior Care Activity Centre has been an exhilarating experience for both me and my wife. There are many activities here - you can learn computers, play table tennis, do gym excersizes, play scrabble, and read books from the small library they have. The best part is the staff managing the centre. Each one of them is assertive, very active and ready to help. With that they create a congenial atmosphere where we senior citizens feel at home. I would give all the credit to the founder Archana, who with her maturity has been able to groom the staff. I would change the name of the centre to Senior Citizens Smiling Centre!

Shabnam and Shama Patel

Emergency Care

We are thankful to you for bringing back a semblance of peaceful and fun-filled communication into mom and pop's life. Your feedback notes are a learning experience and will help us communicate better with them. You have got more from them in a few weeks.