How does one embrace an aging body ?

CB0How does one embrace an aging body ? How indeed. Memories of youth come in the way. Memories of when running was easy and fun. Kicking a ball and running after it was fun. Future held promise and dreams were dreamt. There was a thick shock of hair to be styled, muscles to be exercised, skills to be mastered. Memories were to be made and not to be lived in.

Aging is a reality. To successfully embrace a reality one must accept the reality. With age, death becomes a reality. I, as a Hindu am at a great advantage. I think of time as a circular function. Reincarnation relieves me of the fear of “hell” . Thus Embracing death, the greatest unknown the final reality, does not hold the same fears.

Aging is a reality. How one accepts this reality is the crux of successful aging. At any point in our lives we do not have an idea of the number of days left for us. Creaking joints, failing eyesight and hearing, slowing intellect are all a part of aging. Chronic diseases add to the burden. And yet there is life to be lived, friends to be enjoyed, share the joy of grandchildren, enjoy their antics while letting their parents suffer the trials and tribulations.

Technology has helped in dealing with some of the accompaniment of aging. We can replace joints, lens in the eye, hearing aids have come to the rescue. Of course they are not as good as the original but they make you functional. To exploit their potential a certain amount of discipline is required. Same holds true for successfully managing the chronic problems one acquires with age. Embracing age is what gives us the fortitude to maintain that discipline and maintain a functional quality of life.

Thus not fearing death allows you to live fully, embrace aging as a function of time. The body puts limits but joyous living is a function of the mind beyond the limits of time. Embracing aging is our final ode to a life lived.

Written by Dr. Satish Chawla MD, FACP, AIIMS, who is a retired Geriatric Physician from the United States Navy. He is an expert in geriatric medicine, and on Samvedna’s panel of experts.

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