Bridge (Card Game) Workshop for seniors at Great Times Club

Bridge workshop 3They say play your cards right and you can go a long way (literally)!

Cards or any other board games are a good way to socialize and keep your mind active and alert. And when it comes to a game of bridge it’s a great way to stimulate your mind and socialize at the same time.

We organized a workshop for bridge enthusiasts at our senior Bridge workshop 1club Great Times this week. The workshop was conducted by Mr. J N Pandey, national level bridge player who has won many championships and awards. Mr. Pandey retired as GM from Vizag Steel Plant and has been an ardent bridge player for the last twenty years.

He covered the basics and nuances of the game and answered many queries posed by the audience. This was followed up by an hour long practice session where Mr. Pandey coached the Bridge workshop 2players and helped them make decisions in dealing their hands.  The participants enjoyed the game and felt mentally stimulated and energized after the session.

Bridge is a lifelong game, you can start quickly with the basics and then build your game. We will be organizing more of these workshops at Great Times Club in the weeks to come for our bridge enthusiast members.

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